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Hospitality Ministry workshop, 830 am, Saturday 8/4/18.
Meet in the gym.
Hospitality Ministry workshop, 830 am, Saturday 8/4/18.
Meet in the gym.
Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church

Epiphany Health Ministry


Wow! We have walked 57,189 miles, more than twice the distance around the earth at the Equator.  Join us for a Festive Mediterranean dinner to celebrate this great achievement, Friday, June 2nd, 6pm in Epiphany's Bryce Hall.  Cost is $12/person, reservations must be made by Sunday May 21st.

Grape Leaves, Cabbage Rolls, Baba Ghanouj, Hummus, Chicken Kabob, Tabouli, Beef, Hashwa, Lentils & Rice, Baklava, coffee, tea, or water!

Week 12 travel guide: We walked 4,841 miles
Week 11 travel guide:  We walked 4,044 miles.
Week 10 travel guide: We walked 3777 miles!
Week 9 travel guide: We walked 3343 miles!
Week 8 travel guide:  We walked 3665 miles!
Week 7 travel guide:
We walked 3975 miles!
Week 6 travel guide: We walked 5224 miles!
Week 5 travel guide: We walked 5517 Miles!
Week 4 travel guide: We walked another 5,673 miles!
Week 3 travel guide: We "walked" 5,713 miles!
Week 2 travel guide: We "walked" 5,702 miles!
Week 1 travel guide: We "walked" 5,717 miles!

The Walk to Jerusalem is an "imaginary" walk that begins at Epiphany and ends (figuratively) in Jerusalem, approxcimately 6,886 miles.  The Walk to Jerusalem is a program sponsored by the Epiphany Faith Community Health ministry, designed to increase the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of participants by developing healthy habits over the 14 week period. This Walk to Jerusalem is accomplished through individuals within the church logging their miles each week. Miles can be earned by:

  • 20 minutes of physical activity (exercise, housework, gardening, walkeng, etc.)
  • 20 minutes of spiritual activity (daily Mass, Lenten practices, Rosary, Adoration)
  • Practicing hyealthy habits.
Individuals turn in their mileage every week. Participants' miles are totaled to see how far we have progressed in our Walk to Jerusalem.  Mileage will be tracked on a world map displayed on a bulletin board in the foyer. There will be weekly travel information available to learn about sites along the way.

The Walk to Jerusalem officially begins February 26, 2017. But you may start your walk at any time and continue through Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017.

Register aftrer one of the weekend Masses February 18/19 or February 25/26!

We invite everyone, of all ages, to participate to the best of their ability.  Participants will receive:
  • water bottle
  • Walk to Jerusalem instruction booklet, with daily and weekly mileage trackers
  • 14 weekly mileage slips
  • coupons for the Little Black Book (Lenten devotions) and the Little White Book (Easter devotions)
  • A bag to keep everything handy.

There will be a weekly prize drawing from among the mileage slips turned in. Winners will be announced in the bulletin. Come join the Walk to Jerusalem!

For more information, call 722-2110 and ask for Jenny Fenner or Tracy Osterman.

If you are a practicing or retired healthcare professional, or an interested lay person you are eligible to be a part of our Epiphany Health MInistry. We are involved in many aspects of our Epiphany community. On the third weekend of every month, nurses are available after each Mass for  Blood Pressure Screening. The Oklahoma Blood Institute has a blood drive here four times a year. We assist with this drive.

The nurses (and any other interested member of Epiphany Health Ministry) are invited to attend the Annual Faith Community Nurses Conference held in March. This is an opportunity to grow in our spirituality and to hear what Faith Community Nurses across the country are doing in communities across the globe.

The Health Ministry helps with the “Great Catholic Smoke-out,” a Lenten season smoking cessation program, written by our Music Director, Bob Waldrop. It begins on Ash Wednesday and continues through the forty days of Lent. Our Nurses attend these meetings and share stories of their witness to the effects of smoking on one’s physical health.

The Faith Community Nurses Foundation Course is offered yearly. Epiphany supported one of our nurse’s attendance at this two-weekend workshop.

Annual Flu Shots are a regular part of helping to keep our faith community healthy. The Visiting Nurses Association offers these shots and our volunteers assist.

A Tai Chi Class is being held twice weekly for three months and is supported by our Health Ministry.

We introduced the Stephen Ministry Program to Epiphany. The ministry is now in its second year, with a second class of Stephen Ministers in progress. 

Yearly, we offer a Breast Care Screening through Mercy Hospital. This usually takes place during the month of May.

During the first weekend in Lent, we help Epiphany members spend time with God by walking our LABYRINTH, an ancient prayer tool that allows individuals the opportunity to spend quiet, reflective time in a peaceful and serene sfcetting. A perfect way to prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord at Easter.