Middle School

Paul Forgue Funeral Thurs 11 am; Vigil Wed 5 pm Mercer-Adams; Loretta Fox funeral Fri 10 AM, Mercer Adams.
Paul Forgue Funeral Thurs 11 am; Vigil Wed 5 pm Mercer-Adams; Loretta Fox funeral Fri 10 AM, Mercer Adams. Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church

Middle School

Middle School Religious Education classes meet on Wednesday evenings for students in grades 6 through 8, including the Confirmation preparation classes (grades 8, 9, & 10), from 7:00 - 8:15pm 

Our program is sequential - each grade level prepares the student for the next.  It begins with Early Childhood Religious Education Classes and continues through Confirmation and the High School classes. Therefore, it is necessary for a child to attend formal classes every year, just as he/she does in secular education. The 6th grade class completes the Be My Disciple series that the students have been learning from since 1st grade. The 7th grade class is a foundational year as they prepare to enter the Confirmation preparation process. It is crucial that students have a solid foundation in which to build upon, therefore, a minimum of one year's attendance in Religious Education Classes (7th grade) is required prior to beginning preparation classes for Confirmation.

Confirmation Preparation Begins in the 8th Grade:

“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always, the Spirit of truth” –John 14:16-17

Confirmation is the final Sacrament of Initiation, following Baptism and Eucharist. Confirmation imparts the seven-fold gift of the Holy Spirit, commissioning and equipping the faithful with the graces needed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Having been made full members of the Body of Christ at Baptism and having received the Bread of Eternal Life in the Eucharist, those who receive Confirmation are called to “make disciples of all nations” through daily witness to their faith in word and deed.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is much more than a rite of passage for teenagers, although it certainly has incorporated some cultural aspects of that.  During these times in which our teenagers are faced with many challenges, developing the ability to choose safely and prudently among many different alternatives is a critical survival skill, especially when some of the options are obviously risky and dangerous. Learning to make choices based on the teachings of the Faith is part of the Sacrament of Confirmation! The Holy Spirit is our guide in all issues of discernment. We don't have to rely on our own skills or knowledge. We need to learn to cultivate an attitude of openness to the guidance of the Spirit and learn how the Spirit can help us to make choices. 

Confirmation is much more than doing X number of service hours and attending 80% of the sessions. It will give your child life and death discernment skills for the modern world. But as with all the other sacraments of initiation, the parents are the prime guides. Where are you leading your children?