Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church


The Baptism of a child at Epiphany Church

To have your child baptized at Epiphany, call the church office six months before the birth of the child at 405- 722-2110. The secretary will ask you for a little information and pass this on to the Pastoral Associate who teaches the class.

The Baptism of adults at Epiphany Church

The baptism of an adult at Epiphany Church follows a time of preparation known as the “catechumenate.” It is a journey of faith that the parish walks with the person who desires baptism. To start your own journey into Christ and the waters of baptism, call 405-722-2110 and speak with Mandy Brown at extension 118. More information is available at this website at Journey of Faith.

The Catholic Church recognizes the baptisms of other Christian churches as valid, when done with water and in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.