Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church

The English word “novena” is derived from the Latin word “novem”, which means “nine”. A novena is the practice of saying a specific prayer every day for nine days. In the first chapter of the book of Acts, the apostles and the other first Christians came together “in the upper” room for constant prayer. The tradition of the Church is that they prayed for nine days, and then experienced the grace of Pentecost.

The practice of praying novenas arose in very ancient times in the Church. Novenas are often part of our devotion to saints, where we ask a saint or a holy person who is deceased for his or her intercession for a specific need.  Novenas may be prayed during private prayer, and they may also be prayed in groups. Praying a novena is a way to receive God’s grace and to deepen your spiritual life.  Praying novenas as a family is a way to strengthen to faith of your family members and help them to grow in their relationships with Christ.  This page has some of the novenas commonly used at Epiphany parish.