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Funeral for Rita Gregg Monday June 26 10 AM.
Funeral for Rita Gregg Monday June 26 10 AM. Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church

Volunteer & Help

When we celebrate Mass, things happen. 

It's not just some mindless ritual from ancient times. It is a way that God speaks to us right here and right now.  By singing the hymns and ritual music, listening to readings and the sermon, praying the prayers, and receiving Holy Communion, we become the love of God for others. 

As we leave Mass, we are sent to share the self-giving love of Christ with all we meet during the week –  at work, at home, in the neighborhood and community. If going to Mass doesn't make a difference in our lives, then we are missing quite a bit of the point of going to Mass.  Since we're there, we might as well experience all that there is for us, so that we can truly be what we are called to be.

With 1600 families and nearly 5,000 people, there are plenty of opportunities for you to manifest the love of God that we become at Mass for your neighbors and community.  You'll find the info you need in this section so that you can find something that fits your experience, interests, and temperament. 

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