Healing After Miscarriage

This Christmas season,
may your worries be few
and your joy be endless.
This Christmas season,
may your worries be few
and your joy be endless.
Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church

Healing After Miscarriage

Miscarriage or stillbirth is a tragedy that affects expectant parents during a time when they are in joy anticipating the birth of their child. Suddenly, the expected birth will not happen, and joy turns to sorrow.

The Catholic faith has many options available to help you heal.

The first thing that may help is to understand that your child was a real human being. If you have not already done so, naming your child can be an important step toward a healing journey.

Our clergy and pastoral staff are available to you for prayer and pastoral counseling.

We have a support group for parents who have experienced miscarriage or other infant loss.  The St. Catherine's Group meets the third Monday of each month, from 630 pm to 8 pm, in Room 2. Childcare is available and each meeting has refreshments. For more information, contact Megan Wells (405)795-8408, Lori Fischer (405)519-4325 or Taylor Cieminski (405)618-2402. Park in the west parking lot and enter at the Family Center doors.  Then walk straight east into the Office area and turn left to find room 2.

Out-patient professional counseling, on a sliding fee scale, is available from St. Joseph's Counseling, an activity of Catholic Charities Oklahoma City.

You can request a memorial Mass for your child. The Book of Blessings also has a Blessing for Parents after a Miscarriage, whose text is found below.

Our grief support group is also available for parents of children who die before they are born. Call Jenny Fenner, 722-2110 ext. 123 for information.

Out Stephen Ministry is available for support and counseling in your time of need.  Call Carol, 203-5047 or Marianne, 918-698-9646 for information.

Epiphany is a family. We journey together through all the times of our lives, good and bad. Together, we go towards God, leaving no one behind.  We promise to pray for you and your unborn child who is now in heaven and to accompany you on your journey of grief.

Blessing Of Parents After A Miscarriage Or Stillbirth

Introductory Rites

All make the Sign of the Cross. The leader begins:

Let us praise the Father of mercies,
the God of all consolation.
Blessed be God for ever.
R/. Blessed be God for ever.

In the following or similar words, the leader prepares those present for the blessing.

For those who trust in God,
in the pain of sorrow there is consolation,
in the face of despair there is hope,
in the midst of death there is life.

N. and N., as we mourn the death of your child,
we place ourselves in the hands of God
and ask for strength, for healing, and for love.

Reading of the Word of God
One of those present or the leader reads a text of Sacred Scripture (Lam 3:17-18, 21-24).

Listen to the words of the Book of Lamentations:

My soul is deprived of peace,
I have forgotten what happiness is;
I tell myself my future is lost,
all that I hope for from the LORD.

But I will call this to mind,
as my reason to have hope:
The favors of the LORD are not exhausted,
his mercies are not spent;
They are renewed each morning,
so great is his faithfulness.

My portion is the LORD, says my soul;
therefore I will hope in him.

The word of the Lord.
R/. Thanks be to God.

Intercessions - The intercessions are then said.

Let us pray to God, who throughout the ages
has heard the cries of parents.

R/. Lord, hear our prayer.

For N. and N., who know the pain of grief, that they may be comforted,
we pray to the Lord. R/.

For this family, that it may find new hope in the midst of suffering,
we pray to the Lord. R/.

For all who have suffered the loss of a child, that Christ may be their support,
we pray to the Lord. R/.

After the intercessions, the leader invites all present to say the Lord's Prayer.

Prayer of Blessing - The leader says the prayer of blessing with hands joined.

Compassionate God,
soothe the hearts of N. and N.,
and grant that through the prayers of Mary,
who grieved by the Cross of her Son,
you may enlighten their faith,
give hope to their hearts,
and peace to their lives.

Lord, grant mercy to all the members of this family
and comfort them with the hope
that one day we will all live with you,
with your Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit,
forever and ever.
R/. Amen.


Lord, God of all creation,
we bless and thank you for your tender care.
Receive this life you created in love
and comfort your faithful people in their time of loss
with the assurance of your unfailing mercy.
Through Christ our Lord.
R/. Amen.

Concluding Rite - The leader concludes the rite by signing himself or herself with the Sign of the Cross and saying:

May God give us peace in our sorrow,
consolation in our grief,
and strength to accept his will in all things
R/. Amen.

From the Book of Blessings, © 1988, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, DC.