So I Was Raised Catholic,...

Paul Forgue Funeral Thurs 11 am; Vigil Wed 5 pm Mercer-Adams; Loretta Fox funeral Fri 10 AM, Mercer Adams.
Paul Forgue Funeral Thurs 11 am; Vigil Wed 5 pm Mercer-Adams; Loretta Fox funeral Fri 10 AM, Mercer Adams. Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church

So I Was Raised Catholic,...

Perhaps you were born a Catholic, but somewhere along the way some of the people in the Church let you down, or turned out to be hypocrites, or betrayed your trust. Sometimes we think that some of the beliefs of the Church are too hard for the modern world. We question whether God actually hears our prayers. 

Maybe there was no big thing that happened, you just somehow drifted away, and like R.E.M, found yourself over in the corner, "losing your religion." It seemed like the easy thing to do.

We understand doubts.

We completely understand how hard it can be to struggle with doubts about the Catholic Church.  There's the whole guilt thing. The Church's ideas are very contrary to what many people are into these days. We are sometimes politically incorrect. People have been predicting our demise for two thousand years.

Yet here we are, the oldest continuing institution in Western Civilization.  We were there for every important event, good and bad, for the past 2,000 years. The Church is actually a very big tent, much bigger and way more diverse than most people think. It's likely that you can find a congenial place somewhere inside.

So could we maybe talk about this?

We can offer you a safe and non-threatening place to discuss your feelings about the Catholic Church. We're fine with the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It's all part of this journey that we are on. It may not be clear where we are going, or what will happen to us on our travels.  At Epiphany, we find comfort and hope in making the journey of life together.  We think that all the way to heaven is indeed heaven and that we go to God as a community, together, with no one left behind for the wolves of life to devour.  The first step is to give Judy Reilly a call, at 722-2110 ext 125/

Our Catholics Returning Home gathering begins Tuesday, May 2nd and continues on each Tuesday for six weeks   More info