Neighborhoods of Faith

Women of Achievement Mass Saturday March 17, 11 AM with Archbishop Coakley
Women of Achievement Mass Saturday March 17, 11 AM with Archbishop Coakley
Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church

Neighborhoods of Faith

In celebration of our 40th anniversary as a parish, we have begun a new program "Neighborhoods of Faith." We have divided the parish into 130 small geographic neigbhorhoods of 10-15 households.  In the coming months, we want to hold two meetings in each of these neighborhoods.

The first meeting provides an opportunity to meet your Epiphany neighborhoods.  We will discuss three questions --
  • How did I come to be at Epiphany?
  • How does my involvement at Epiphany benefit me and my household?
  • If Epiphany parish was not here, how would that impact my life?
At the second meeting, we will conduct a brainstorming exercise:

  • What is our mission?
  • What are our priorities?
  • What are our core values?
  • What do we do well?
  • Where can we improve?
  • What new activities should we add?
  • What is our slogan?
The pastoral staff and parish council will take the input from these meetings and develop --
  • A parish mission statement
  • Statement of our Priorities and Core Values
  • Parish Slogan
In addition, the information from these meetings will be used to make improvements in our activities and programs and may result in adding new programs at Epiphany.

The goal for the entire project is to help us do a better job sharing the good news of Jesus Christ here in Northwest Oklahoma City.

At this time, we need people willing to host neighborhood meetings.  If you would like to host a meeting in your neighborhood, contact the Church office or email