Curious about the Catholic Church?

Interfaith Choir Concert @ Epiphany, next Sunday 6/4, 4 pm.
Interfaith Choir Concert @ Epiphany, next Sunday 6/4, 4 pm. Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church

Curious about the Catholic Church?

Are your curious about the Catholic Church?

Does you keep encountering Roman Catholicism on your spiritual journey?  Perhaps you have Catholic relatives -- or a Catholic spouse -- and find yourself wondering what all these "bells and smells" are about.

Maybe you are spiritually homeless and looking for a place where you can belong?

The Catholic Church has been around for a long time. We are the oldest -- and the largest -- continuing institution in the West, established in 33 AD by Jesus Christ.  With more than one billion members, we are very big tent.  There is certainly room for you and your household, there can be no doubt about that.

We'd love to talk with you about your curiosity, your concerns, your interests. We can answer questions and provide information. We can help you deepen your relationship with Christ -- or begin a relationship with Christ! -- by walking with us in the Catholic Church.  We have discussions every week for non-Catholics, believers and non-believers, and we invite you to join the conversation.  Call Judy Reilly at 722-2110 ext 125.

See Journey of Faith to learn more about these conversations.