Special Session on
Clergy Abuse
Led by Sister Kathy Olsen
7:30PM Mon, 10/7, Patio Room
Special Session on
Clergy Abuse
Led by Sister Kathy Olsen
7:30PM Mon, 10/7, Patio Room
Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church

Prayer of Spiritual Curiosity

Hello God,

Was that you?
Did I actually receive an answer to my skeptic’s prayer?
Or am I deceiving myself with wish fulfillment?

If it was you, how would I know that?
If it wasn’t you, how would I know that?
How do I know, one way or the other?
This is a thing for me right here, right now.
I want to know, but I need to know how to know.

Maybe I do know that it was you,
even though I don’t know how I know that.
Or not.
I’m thinking that I want to know more about this,
because if it’s true, it’s important.
And if it’s not true, that’s also important.

So many questions, where are the answers?

Is it enough to simply want something more in my life?
Or should I ask – What is there to want more of for my life?

What’s next? Where am I going? What am I doing?

What does this Jesus fellow have to do with this?

I am pretty sure

I want something out of this,
whatever this may be. One way or another.
So I say Amen for now
and hope I find out something more.

One place to start learning more about this Jesus fellow is to read the book of Luke in the Bible.  

It was written by a Greek doctor who was one of the first Christians.

It's a great story, everything's there. Angels flying, portentious prophecies, evil governors scheming, a good man going about helping people, afflicting the comfortable, and comforting the afflicted. And for his troubles, well,let's not tell the ending before you get the beginning.

Here's the first chapter of Luke! If you want to talk with someone about this, call Judy Reilly at 405-722-2110 ext 125.

You may want to continue your prayer journey with A Prayer for Spiritual Openness.